Automatic Invoice Processing System

Do you know how much it costs you to enter the data into the internal accounting, CRM or ERP system of the company?
Depending on the size and type of business it usually is range of thousands to tens of thousand Euro yearly, plus the cost of the lost time.

Working with us allows most of these money to remain in your pocket. Implementing Active Text solutions typically saves 50 percent of the costs associated with processing of the documents.

Active Text offers a wide range of highly innovative solutions for comprehensive digitization of data from scanning large volumes of paper documents, through preparing their semantic description, process of automated content recognition, to the export of data to the client system.

The proposed services, through the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), advanced image processing algorithms and semantic analysis of documents, ensure the high efficiency of conversion of paper information into digital data.


Our Automatic Invoice Processing System facilitates the conversion of paper invoices into data that can be imported directly into the accounting system.

The customer scans the invoices and uploads them to Active Text portal using our upload app. To ensure an adequate level of security before sending the data is encrypted with an encryption key supplied on a USB memory device. The system ensures that the documents are being decrypted for the duration of the processing only, minimizing the risk of accidental information leak. The digitized data is again encrypted and sent in that form to the client system, for  import to the financial or accounting system.