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Multi-Spectral Document Scanner

The Active Text Multi-Spectral Document Scanner is an innovative device using a multi-wavelength spectral analysis to recognize the content of the documents with unparalleled clarity and precision, regardless of their condition.

The scanner utilizes our patent-pending technology (combing spectral analysis, light dissipation analysis, surface topography and 2D imaging) to see the invisible and to ignore the visible noise.

The paper documents are not always perfect. Factors such as:



often decrease the ratio of document content recognition up to a limit where the content cannot be read.

Our innovative, patent-pending multi-spectral scanning technology allows automatic segregation of the layers of different materials on the paper and the paper structure itself, enabling the machine to separate the relevant content from the “content noise”, which in turn provides means to very high quality optical content recognition, even in such cases when e.g. the black print is covered by black stains or cross-outs.


The Multi-Spectral Document Scanner is a product made possible by generous funding from the EU European Regional Development Fund.

The technology is protected by multiple international patents (pending).