Multi-Spectral Analysis

One of the main specializations of our R&D team is the spectral analysis.

We do the selection and construction of the spectral analysis equipment (including the Multi-Spectral Document Scanner), but our primary focus are the algorithms of analysis and automated interpretation of the results of the spectral measurements.

We concentrate on the domain-specific algorithms in the areas of high commercial applicability and we are not afraid of untypical (at least from the typical academic approach) solutions and bold assumptions, adapted to the types of challenges that our team or our customers face.

While at the level of research and prototyping we use a variety of high-end (and very costly) scientific equipment, during the commercialization phase we attempt to construct our  devices using typical, off-the-shelf components and build our algorithms to take advantage of the data that such components are able to produce.

The spectral (and multi-spectral) analysis can be applied to a variety of different domains:


The images below present real-life examples of spectral analysis (and automated cluster-based recognition) of fragments of a leaf and how they differ in different wavelengths.


kalafior wykres